Purpose and Function:

Our mission is to unite and assist alumni and friends of the Annie Walsh Memorial School; to foster loyalty and interest in the Annie Walsh Memorial School; and to provide grants for the general benefit of the school and scholarships for its students.


General Membership shall be open to any person who has completed one year in the Annie Walsh Memorial School, who resides in the USA, who pays the annual membership dues, and who meets the membership requirements regarding participation and attendance (see by-laws).

Associate Membership is also available to anyone who did not attend the school but has an interest in the school. All other General Membership rules will apply. Restriction: the associate member is not eligible to be an officer of AWOGA.

Members are required to attend meetings held approximately eight times a year. Many meetings are conducted via conference calls but at least two meetings are face to face. 

Current Leadership Team:


Chapter President - Fatima Elias

Vice-President -Moira Williams

Treasurer - Florette Fraser

Secretary - Thelma Thompson

Freetown Liaison - Roseline Fyle

Social Secretary - Ayodele House

Henrietta Johnson - Immediate Past President