AWOGA NY/NJ awards scholarships on an annual basis to current students at the AWMS. Scholarships are awarded to deserving  students based on  leadership potential, merit, financial need, academic achievement and/or other criteria. Awards are made in June-July of each year.

Guidelines for creating a scholarship fund:

As a scholarship donor, you choose the name of the scholarship as well as the criteria. You may also wish to remain anonymous. The AWOGA NY/NJ Scholarship Committee members are available to assist you.  For example scholarships may be established to honor a loved one. Your criteria may reflect your area of interest, geographical/regional origin, student's leadership potential, merit, financial need, academic achievement, and/or other criteria. AWOGA NY/NJ must agree to any special conditions established by the donor. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a scholarship fund at

Current Scholarships:

  1. The Joyce Rickford Annual Scholarship Fund, awarded to students who are Business Studies Majors and have demonstrated academic achievement or improvement.
  2. The Jeredine Ademu-John Annual Scholarship Fund - awarded to students who have a financial need and a demonstrated willingness to learn and succeed. Initial award given to students in the first or second year at the AWMS.
  3. The Nance Njamtusie Annual Scholarship Fund
  4. The Europa Wilson-Agwu Fund - awarded to a student excelling in Mathematics.

The Legacy Circle of AWOGA Scholarship Award, open to US Residents:

Awarded annually to two female descendants of AWOGAn's residing in the north-eastern USA. Applicants must be graduating from high school in the tri-state or north-eastern US region to attend a four year college the following year. Email us at to find out more.

A Few Chapter Achievements for 2017 include: 

  1. Annual scholarships to cover school fees, student uniforms, and textbooks for 17 students.
  2. Contributed towards the school-wide Solar Energy Project to provide electricity to the entire school campus including the administrative building, 41 classrooms, Home Economics Resource room, Art Resource room, Library, and Science Labs.
  3. Provided for the complete refurbishment of one classroom, and the purchase of 35 new desks and chairs.
  4. Financial assistance for school maintenance and teacher services.