AWOGA Branches USA: AWOGA Carolinas, AWOGA Southeastern (Atlanta), AWOGA Texas, AWOGA Washington Metropolitan Area

AWOGA Branches Worldwide: AWOGA Sierra Leone, AWOGA Canada, AWOGA United Kingdom, AWOGA Gambia, AWOGA Nigeria

AWOGA NY/NJ was the first alumni association of the AWMS to be formed outside of Sierra Leone.  Established in New Jersey in 1985, the first Thanksgiving Service was held at Grace Lutheran Church in Teaneck, NJ, in January 1986. In later years it was moved to March of each year to coincide with the timing of the AWMS Annual Thanksgiving Celebrations in Freetown.   Services currently alternate annually between New York and New Jersey.

We need not ask ourselves "If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me? but rather "If I do not help this man, what will happen to him" (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Through the years, AWOGA NY/NJ has never strayed from its purpose to engage alumnae and others who believe in the importance of providing a sound education for the academic success of our young girls. Working wth the school and principals and together with other AWOGA chapters, we have been able to identify those areas of need where we can make a difference.

Priorities for 2018 include:

  • Completion of a School-wide Solar Energy Project to provide electricity to the entire school campus includng the administrative building, 41 classrooms, Home Economics Resource room, Art Resource room, Library, and Science Labs.
  • Replacement of Administrative Building roof destroyed in storms in 2017
  • School library refurbishment including stocking with a wide range of reading materials, computers/internet resources.
  • Repair of the school campus walls
  • Installation of a borehole water system
  • School Sports Court

Building Refurbishment Project 2017 - Before and After (below)